Welcome to my Website!!!

Hi, I'm Aaron Le, and this is my first website. Here, you will be able to learn more about me. My artwork will be located in PORTFOLIO. For more personal information about me, you'll be able to see it in the ABOUT section. Lastly, if you need to contact me, my contacts will be located in the CONTACT section.




This was my first original character design in 2021. The year 2021 is the year where I started creating my own characters since I've been drawing from other images. I was still new to figuring out how to shade and use multiple colors. The original character here is named Violet.


VIOLET, 2023

This original character design was made in 2023. During this year, I got a bit better at creating different lighting and shadows, making the original character more detailed than when I first drew Violet in 2021.



This version of Violet is my newest drawing this year. I was able to master more on lighting and shadows to make parts of the character design believable. I was also experimenting with the background since I've never design a background before. With the character and the background, the character comes to life. This is by far my most detailed drawing I've created digitally.



In the colorful canvas of my life, I intertwine my passions into a mesmerizing mosaic. Sketching during my leisure hours is not just a hobby; it's a profound expression of my innermost self. Each stroke of my pen breathes life into the blank pages, whether it's capturing the graceful contours of a landscape or the intricate details of character design. My love for drawing transcends the mundane; it's a spiritual journey that knows no bounds. As I immerse myself in my major in graphic design, I delve deeper into the art of visual storytelling, honing my skills to weave narratives through images. Every stroke of my digital pen becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of my academic voyage, blending theory with practice to carve out a future where creativity reigns supreme.

Amidst the vibrant palette of my interests, gaming shines as a radiant hue, enriching my experiences with thrill and camaraderie. In the boundless realms of virtual worlds, I find solace and adventure. Gaming isn't just a pastime; it's a dynamic arena where I explore diverse landscapes, conquer challenges, and build friendships that transcend borders. With every quest I complete and every adversary I overcome, I discover the power of strategic thinking and resilience. It's not merely about entertainment; it's about the fusion of art and gameplay, where creativity intertwines with strategy in a symphony of pixels and polygons. Whether I'm engulfed in the latest AAA title or relishing the nostalgia of retro classics, gaming weaves moments of bliss and companionship into the fabric of my existence.



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